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Jan 1… just sitting outside January 2, 2010

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As I sit on the patio of my Grandparent’s house in sunny southern California, I realized I’m going to miss writing a blog. You know you want to be updated with happenings in my life.  So when you’re missing your daily dose of John Forristal you know where to go… unedited and uncensored.

The last two days my Dad and I have been bro-ing out with about 32 hours of driving.  Stopping the first night to root on the husker in small town New Mexico, we watched the ‘skers flat-out stomp the Pac-10’s pathetic excuse for a challenger in the Holiday Bowl.  I didn’t consider myself pro-playoff before this game, but after watching the Huskers the last couple months of the season, there is no doubt in my mind that we can beat anyone in the country.  It’s disappointing that a season has to end when the team is peaking, but I can’t really complain.

Yesterday Dad and I made the trek up the hill to see the Grand Canyon.  Absolutely phenomenal.  Breathtaking would be an understatement.  Not visiting sights like this one when you have the chance should be a crime.  We didn’t have much time before it got dark and only had about an hour to spend, nevertheless the 4 hour detour was more than worth it.

During the two hours back down the mountain to Flagstaff, AZ, dad and I got on the “bucket list” subject.  Only appropriate for two friends after seeing something that amazing.  After a couple hundred miles of discussion we someone settled.  We both agreed we’re not “thrill” guys, nether of us had a desire to skydive or ride a bull or what have you.  I feel that’s kind of a cheap excitement.  My dad’s list considered more of seeing the sights.  He’d already been to the Grand Canyon, but he wanted to spend a weekend in Yellowstone, he wanted to see Mt. Rushmore and the Black Hills, and he wanted to go to Ireland.  We did agree on two sport achievements, we both want to see a game in every MLB ballpark and we both want to play golf at St. Andrews.

I thought quite a bit about my list.  While my dad and I are very much alike, I’m not a big “sight seeing” kinda guy.  I enjoy and appreciate landmarks and monuments, but I feel like I appreciate cultures and experiences more.  First thing I thought of was I want to learn another language.  I feel inferior and a little ignorant being able to speak just one language.  Going along with that, I want to spend an extended period of time outside the US.  Whatever country, doesn’t matter.  I just feel like I can’t appreciate life to the fullest until I see how other cultures live.  I’m talking like a year or more in a foreign country.

I will to learn to surf and I will to learn to cook. I will hit a hole in one… fuck that, I’ll hit a bunch of hole in one’s.  Someday, probably not for a long time, I will invest in a friend’s idea or business.  I have a couple close friends that are aspiring chefs and I would love nothing more than to help them achieve their goal.  I flirted with adding “owning a boat” to the list, but that’d be a little excessive.  So instead of the boat, I vow to have a “summer of 69.”  A dream summer.  A summer spent doing nothing but relaxing, drinking, a living on the water.  Someday, when I have the means, I’m going to start a charity or a scholarship fund.  Not sure who or what for, but I feel like this is the highlight of my list.

I love California.  Today I sat around in t-shirt and shorts, watched college football, hit golf balls, wore sunglasses, and still did absolutely nothing. Tomorrow I plan to do the same thing.  I plan relaxing while I still can.  My Bucket List is always a work in progress and I’m gonna add “retire someplace warm” to the list immediately.  This is the life.




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