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100 Percent January 3, 2010

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My friends will sometimes poke fun at the way I speak or my outlook on life.  I like to think I live life “100 percent” of the times.  I want every day to be the best day of my life.  Live life in the present.  Trust me, I know it sounds cheesy too, but if you just take the time to realize how good you have it and how its only up to you to enjoy it.. you’re gonna have a pretty damn good life.

The reason I bring this up is because I have just a fantastic day.  Started my day by sleeping in, eating breakfast outside, and reading my book in the sun.  This afternoon, I played golf with 3 generations of Forristals.  Sometimes I take for granted how fortunate I am to have both sets of grandparents, and especially a Grandfather that can still whoop up on most on the golf course.  I shot a 38 on the back 9 and ended up with an 82 after just atrocious putting on the front 9, beating my grandpa by 4 strokes.

Tonight we played cards, had a great meal and just relaxed.  As the night went on, my dad and I threw back a few beers and my grandpa had put down a good fraction of a bottle of wine, and we got to talking.  My grandpa said to Dad and I, “If you two have half as good as life as I had, you’ll be happy.  Every single day of my life, I’ve been happy; and every single day I’ve enjoyed.”  A lot of people might hear that and think… that’s nice, that’s good for him.  I think… why not me?   I’m going to live everyday to the fullest until the day I die.

Marquette’s Men basketball team is the single most heartbreaking college basketball team in the country.  We will stick around with every team we play, and wins will be seldom this year.  I just hope we can put it together and sneak a few of these close games out by tournament time.

That’s all for now.




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