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Mark Twain and Mary Forristal January 6, 2010

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I woke up this morning to just absolutely terrible news.  My time in paradise would be cut one day short.  This means one less round of golf, 24 hours less sunshine, and back to the negative temperatures of Iowa.  There is a forecasted 7 inches of snow and high winds tonight and my Mom did not want us to be stuck in Omaha during this “anticipated” blizzard.  Maybe it’s the “invincible 20-year old” in me, or maybe its just because I’m from Iowa and I’ve driven in much worse; either way I feel this is a terrible decision on Mary’s side.

Not only was I playing fantastic golf and looking forward to my 3rd round, I shot 84 the second day on a much tougher course and putted much better.  We took a day off and hit the range and practice green for the afternoon.  I was also excited to watch the Iowa game with my Dad and Grandpa.  As I sit here on this plane, probably somewhere over Colorado or Kansas, missing the entire second half of the Iowa game, you can only imagine my frustration.

I believe it was Mark Twain (and more recently Pat Forristal) that said, “Everyone’s talking about the weather, but no one is doing anything about it.”  I hate when people freak over something that is completely out of their hands.  My Mom is notorious for it and I assume most Mom’s are.  When the first half of this blizzard hit just before Christmas, dropping over two feet of snow, everyone around me couldn’t help but talk about how someone is stranded or someone won’t be able to get home.  I kinda enjoyed the storm.  It was humbling at a time where we all need a little humbling.  We take for granted the ability to just pick up and go wherever we want.  Sure the blizzard prevented my family from Omaha and Kansas City from celebrating Christmas with the rest of the family but it was completely out of their hands, out of everyone’s hands.  No matter how much my Mom and Grandma discussed the roads, they weren’t getting any better.

The point I’m getting at is, while my loving mother is only concerned about our safety, moving the flight up a day is a pretty drastic action (especially because she paid extra.)  Nevertheless, there will be more golf rounds, there will be more vacations, and the will be more football games.  When I put it in perspective, if missing a bowl game and a golf round is the biggest of my problems… I live a pretty damn good life.  Which is true.

California was great.  Great eats, world-class golf, and plenty of bonding with my Dad and my Grandparents.  It’s pretty special when strangers comment how we have 3 generations playing golf together.  My Grandparents do kinda crack me up.  They get in such a retirement mode out there.  Everyday Grandpa plays golf and Grandma reads the paper.  Everyday Grandpa fixes Grandma an afternoon cocktail and then takes down a bottle of wine.  I started to notice that they could just not get over the fact that every parking lot is just SOOO crowded (even though they always found a space right away) and could not grasp how their normally packed favorite restaurants now had open tables (Grandpa will tell you (at least 3 times) its not the recession that hurts, it’s people thinking there’s a recession.)

When I touch down, my phone should have a few text messages from the Iowa faithful.   The flight attendant just informed me the Hawks are still up 14-7.  And when I get back home, I start packing for Washington, DC.

Take Care.




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