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Art? January 19, 2010

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My first few days in DC have been a constant wrestling match the idea of “art.”

I consider myself fairly open-minded. But I’m far from an art person.  I appreciate music and movies, I was in plays in high school, and I think I understand the historical significance of art… but when it comes to gallery viewing, I’m out of my league.  I don’t get what separates one masterpiece from another.  In a field where everyone’s opinion matters, who can really be the judge of what’s fantastic and what’s phenomenal. I find my self confused throughout the galleries here in DC, but when we hit the national modern art  gallery… I just get pissed off.  Especially when I hear that some of the most basic looking paintings are going for upwards of 30-40 Million dollars.  Its kinda crazy to think I go grocery shopping and make decisions based on a couple of cents.  People who deal art bargain millions and millions of dollars as if it were nothing.

This was in the middle of a frame located in the contemporary section of the National Gallery.  I was told it was valued in the tens of millions of dollars.

Nevertheless, I do find my self growing an eye for certain aspects of art.  I thought a couple of the items were… well… neat. I could see myself owning art…. someday… maybe.  Interesting thought though, I walked through galleries from China, India, and Africa among other cultures.  I found that a lot of the art was just old artifacts with artwork on it.  It makes me think of what will be in museums 300 years from now.  People always talk about our technological era with a negative connotation, with teenagers texting, GPS instead of exploration, computers, HDTV and everything else.  Some people think we’re a culture without culture.

That’s not the way I see it.  If our ancestors saw us today, they’d think we were gods.  We’re not in the intellectual era of philosophy, but science and technology.  That is what will be remembered for, and what’s so bad about that? Its our culture, its the way it is…. live with it.  As the great Ricky Stanzi said… “If you don’t love it, leave it.  USA, number 1!”

I got 4 more days of touring before I get to my internship.  Its kinda nice to get a taste of what DC has to offer historically during the day, so tonight I plan on getting out taking in DC’s culture with wing night at the local pub.  Even though I don’t go to a Public School, and I really don’t even have a syllabus week… that shouldn’t stop me from celebrating.

Get on wit your bad self.




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