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Its a Big World… January 23, 2010

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I’ve developed a theory this summer that I hate the phrase, “It’s a small world.”  After coming from an extremely small town to a city I’ve fully established that this world is fucking HUGE!  And people always argue with me, “But I meet people everywhere that know people I know.”  Sure you do… but between Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, that isn’t that big of deal.  Everyone knows everyone.

What makes it a big, big world is the so many different types of people we have in this country… not to mention this globe.  Going to Marquette from a small rural community in Iowa, I was able to meet people from all over the country with all different backgrounds and upbringings.  Whenever I travel to Chicago, I am at complete awe at how people can be brought up in a city so big.  I just cannot relate.  Just as they cannot relate to me.

So what brings this up is now that I’m in an all new city (on the east coast) with a brand new group of people, you start thinking the same things.  In a somewhat intoxicated conversation late Thursday night with a couple of my new classmates (one from Chicago and one from Boston) we solved most of the world’s issues, not to mention discussed our very varied backgrounds.  You can talk about lifestyles, you can talk about attitudes, climate, or work ethics… but when it comes down to it.  Everything about it’s different.  The Bostonian could not relate to the Chicagoan.  Just wasn’t happening.  It’s especially noticable with Northeasterners, because the East Coast is all they know.  But I’ve noticed that’s not specific to them.  Chicago’s the same way.  Plently of people never do get out… but they never want to get out.  The thing that makes this all crazy is the fact that I consider any city over 100,000 population a BIG city.  There is Soooo many people in this world.  It’s not a bad thing, it’s just different.  It makes this country great and it makes this world great.

So if I hear you say, “Wow, it’s such a small world!” expect to get an ear full.

I’m finally done with my first art class… for now.  I’m started to get settled in here in my new city, and really enjoying it.  Went to the National Orchestra Symphony last night and decided: not for me.  But I don’t feel bad about it.  Some people go to a baseball game and say, “I don’t get it.”  Well, I do… and that’s good enough for me.

I start my internship on Tuesday and I’m not quite sure what to expect.  Just excited to get going.  Scott Brown getting elected in Massachusetts really screwed things up for the good guy around here.  Being a Democrat does not make me ignorant to the fact that a single party control of Congress is not a good thing.  Brown’s election will definitely shake things up here… not to mention make it a pretty exciting semester.

(Only at Les Aspin do people buy a bottle of champaign on a Tuesday  because of a Senate victory in Massachusetts.)

Went to Chinatown last night and found a fun, and really expensive bar.  Felt out of place with 4 slightly sub-21 year olds wearing suits (from the symphony) in a place like that… but you just gotta be a Mack when you gotta be a Mack. Hoping to explore a new part of town tonight.  Luckily we’re living in a fun neighborhood and we have all semester.

Lay off Buzz Williams… he’s doing the best he can.  Don’t forget his recruiting ability.  Everything will be fine in the end.

Vikings over Colts.




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