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MU February 5, 2010

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One of my favorite commentators in sports in Mike Tirico.  The Reason? because Mike Tirico knows more about sports than you do, yet doesn’t rub it in like some TV personalities.  See any Sunday morning NFL show (minus the actually knowing more about sports than you do.)

Saying this, I’m still going to toot my own horn a bit.  A couple weeks ago I mentioned that we need to be patient with this Marquette basketball team.  I thought even without being able to pull out the close games, the fact that we were in as many as we were was an accomplishment in itself.

So here we are. 5-5 in the Big East, tied for 6th, 14-8 overall, and what I feel in a position to make a run in the post season.  And here’s the scary thing that no one thought was possible a month ago… we in a real good position to get the crucial double-bye in the Big East tournament, something ever the Big 3 didn’t do.  (Another amazing thing about this team is how they’ve been successful in the shadow of last years class, “The Big 3” has been mentioned in every broadcast this year.)

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that we don’t have a team blessed with basketball players like last year.  The athleticism is there.  We’re much more athletic than we were last year.  The thing about Buzz is that he lets his players play… which is why we struggle at the end of games.  We have the athleticism to stay with whoever we play, but we don’t have the basketball players to pull off the win if the coach isn’t there to instruct.  I’m very pro-Buzz.  I love his intensity, I love his ability to recruit, I like his style of play, and i love his quirkyness.  Still, he doesn’t quite have it all together at the end of close games.  I think he’ll get there (either that or he’ll find an assistant to draw up some plays for him.)  But we’re not there yet.

But what I want this to prove is please don’t be so fast to pull the “We Suck!” and “We’re done!” cards.  Stick with the team.  With 8 games left, a 6-2 record will put us in either 4th or 5th place in the Big East. Fortunately for us, our 3 toughest opponents, USF, Louisville and Pitt, will be coming to the Bradley Center.  I won’t be there. But I am thinking a trip up to Madison Square Garden for the tourney might be in order.

So besides basketball… I thought I escaped the Midwest weather, but it seems to follow me wherever I go.  DC’s expecting 18 inches of snow through the night and this city is freaking out.

Being stuck inside, I think a beach party is in order.  Throw on some flip-flops and shorts, drinks some coronas and margaritas, blare the Jimmy Buffet and Bob Marley, and crank up the heat in the apartment.  Pretend like spring break came early.

Expect a Super Bowl preview tomorrow.




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