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Corona and Lime… February 6, 2010

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The Colts have been a football machine that cannot be stopped.  Year in and year out.  They’ve developed the formula and they’re sticking to it.  They just do everything right.  I should love them. I typically root for dynasties (ya I’ve been known to cheer for the Yankees.)  They have the best quarterback in his prime my generation has ever seen and possibly the best of all time.  They have a high class front office that makes the right moves and does things the right way.  They have key players from the state of Iowa.  I should love them…. but I don’t.

I don’t know why I don’t either.  Maybe it’s just that they came around at the wrong time in my life.  They started this little run with a playoff win in twenty ought 3 over my Chiefs.  But I don’t think that’s the reason.  The only possible explanation as to why I hate the Colts is Will Brady.

Will Brady and his very clever “Go Horse!” saying is the sole reason I’m rooting for the Saints.  But there are quite a few subplots that are going to make this a very interesting football game.

— Will the score be in the 50’s for each team?

— Will Dwight Freeny play?

— How many times will someone reference Hurricane Katrina?

— Who are the Manning’s going to root for?

— How many times will Kim Kardashian be shown?

— Will I get out of the house before the game?

Ok, seriously… I don’t know if you’ve been following the news but it is absolutely nuts in DC. 2 foot of snow so far and it’s not suppose to stop for a while.  People are treating it like the apocalypse.  The streets are barren, besides the hundred of “brave” souls walking around.  A few of us took a gander around the city this afternoon and it was crazyness.  People sledding down the steps of the Capitol, a snow ball fight on the National Mall, luting in the streets. Ok, no luting… yet. We were able to walk downtown in the middle of the street.

And of course, record snowfall calls for a beach party.  It had to be a funny sight to see a couple guy each carrying two cases of corona in the middle of the street through 2 foot of snow.  I’m already trying to get in the spirit by wearing shorts and flip-flops and putting together a playlist of Jimmy Buffet, Bob Marley and other summer jams as I type this  Just get me a margarita.

One of my favorite parts of the Super bowl is all the pageantry that goes with it.  I’m taking the Saints.   Where I have a lot of fun in the prop bets.  What color of Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach? Who will the MVP thank first?  For a whole list check it—


Colts are favored by 6 and I’m gonna take the Saints by 4. 42-38.  Darren Sharper MVP.  (He’s going to run a TD back in the 3rd quarter.)

Stay Warm.




1. jforristal - February 7, 2010

I change my MVP to Reggie Bush. (124 yards rushing 1 TD, 48 yards receiving 1 TD)

6: 22 EST 8 minutes before game-time.

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