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Super Bowl Diary February 7, 2010

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6:20– Pizza Hut already wins for best placed ad.  Too bad every Pizza Hut in DC is closed due to weather.

6: 22– Changed my MVP to Reggie Bush (see comment below.)

6:28– Did Jerry Rice just throw up a gang sign??  Should I be offended??

6:34– Just bet a 12-pack on the Saints with the 6 point spread.  Don’t feel that confident, but I needed something to make this game mean something for me.

6: 44 — Tim Tebow was sure an ugly baby.  His sole weakness.

6: 46 — Colts just moved down the field methodically to kick a field goal to make it 3-0.  A terrible thought just when through my head.  I thought about the Colts and Saints fans out there.  I thought to myself, “wow, how cool would it be to have your team in the Super Bowl?” It then hit me… “how awesome would that be to be a fan of a team that can actually compete?” Any sport… I haven’t rooted for a professional winner since I’ve been born.  I’ve seen a few great Husker seasons, but I’ve never rooted for a professional team that’s even had a chance at a title.  It’s probably one of the most depressing revelation I’ve ever had.  More on this subject later.

6:50– Reggie just had 15 of his 48 recieveing yards and Colston tries to catch a pass with his face-mask.  Always innovative Colston… maybe not the best strategy.

7:00–  I’ve been struggling to justify why I was cheering for the Saints. and I just solved it.  Scott Fujita.

7:02– 10-0 Colts.   Shit.

7:03– Gar$on, Gar#on, Gar(on… if he can make up letters so can I.

7:09– The bachelor party ad for Bridgestone tires already wins best ad for me.  Anything that uses whales wins.  Every other cute animal finishes second by quite a bit.

7:15 Saints are finally moving the ball.  I’m sticking with them.

7: 16 Still not sure why I’m sticking with them. Colts have two Iowans, and the only cornhusker in this game.

7: 25 Field goals Saints.

7:35– Saints need a score before half.

7:37– Has any band in the history of music sold out more than Kiss?

7:37– Applaud the gutsiness by Sean Payton.  But in the first half?? only down by 7??? I just don’t know.  One thing I do know.  The only way the Saints stand a chance it they have to put points up on the board. They aren’t going to win this game by scoring in the 20s.  They need touchdowns. So I like the call.  Gary Brackett came up huge… give it up for the Colts coaching staff, they definitely saw something in that set and knew what to do.

7:49– Sick stop for N.O.  Hartley for MVP. Surprisingly low-scoring first half.  I’m still thinking the game is going to make it into the 30’s.

7:51– Apparently all the advertisers got together and decided men aren’t manly enough.

7:56– Despite hating all half-time commentators and analysts, it’s very refreshing that the Super Bowl is back on CBS.  The Boomer, Marino, Sharpe, and Cower crew isn’t laughing at everything.  They’re actually focusing on talking about important, football matters.  I agree… This game is Drew Brees’s game to win.  Sean Payton needs to put the ball in his hands, let him air it out.  Win or lose, let Brees go down swinging.

8:05– Ok, I’m actually a fan of The Who.  I was expected old… but not this old.  Teenage Wasteland sounds painful.  I’ve been giving the old timer half-time shows credit since Tom Petty rocked a few years ago, but The Who is really struggling. “They’re all Wasted.” might be a better analysis.

8:12– Super bowl half time performer 2011— Reba McIntire and Simon and Garfunkle.

8:23– What a call by Payton… You know that he delivered the most intense half-time speech of super bowl history.  What a way to get your team back into it.  The Saints have to be so fired up.  Expect 3 more scores from NO.

8:26– WHO DAT!! Take that Will Brady… 13-10 Saints.  They have to be so fired up right now, only problem is Payton Manning always has a cure for that.

8:35– 17-13 Colts.  You Can NOT give Manning that much time.  Addai is running like a man with a mission.  I’m gonna take a break. Be back for the 4th quarter.

9:06– The missed field goal was just the motivation the Saints needed for this epic drive their about to thrown down.  Shaping up to be one of the best games.  What’s really concerning is there is 10:36 left in the game and no sight of Kim Kardashian.  What’s the deal?? Are they still together? Is she in costume??? this is sooo intriguing!  Stay tuned.

9:16– Saints take the lead… right play call going for two. I’d take Drew Brees on a roll out any down.  However, I still haven’t forgiven Jeremy Shockey for the 2001 Rose Bowl.  That and when the Giants beat the Pats 2 years ago and Shockey was his sour-puss self on the sidelines.  What a chief.

9:19– SEAN PAYTON for MVP.  What a challenge. I’m gonna watch the game… Be back when the fat lady sings.

9:47– How great of scene was the players picking up Sean Payton.. I hate the “they deserve it” card.  But it’s hard not to.  Not because of the Katrina thing, but because they are a definition of a TEAM.  Everyone on that squad was around their coach.  And the shot of Bourbon St. can you say, Binge Drinking?  Who Dat?




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