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Intersections. February 15, 2010

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Conservative. Liberal. Moderate.  Who the hell knows.

The State. The Individual.  Who really matters?

This is how my Saturday night ended.  After a terrific evening, where Marquette handled USF, giving MU the inside track towards a NCAA bid and moving us closer to that all-important 4th seed, I ended up debating whether or not racial profiling should be used for the sake of national security.

While I believe national security should be a main, if not the top priority, I strongly disagree with racial profiling being used in any situation.  It’s a step backwards in the progress our country has made over the past two centuries.  Allowing and encouraging racial profile is heading down a slippery slope.  An extremely heated racial profiling debate led to discussion of immigration and national language, from there we went to taxes, middle eastern conflict, and inevitably abortion.  While the debate was intense, conservative and liberal ended up agreeing on quite a bit more than expected.  And when discussion simmered down, 4 people were left and it was 6 o’clock in the morning.

This morning I knew I had to write a blog, but I couldn’t think of one topic to touch on.

An underlying theme throughout debate was the importance of the individual vs. the importance of the society as a whole.  There is no doubt that in terms of our nation’s policy, we must consider the black woman in the inner city struggling to get by, as much as the middle-class suburban family, as much as a the farmer in Iowa or anyone else.  There is no doubt in an ideal world, everyone should get a say.  But that world is not just unlikely, but impossible, and that’s why we live in a democratic state.

It’s not just internal issues either.  One of the best points made last night was that we cannot pretend to understand how the Middle East sees things by reading literature on the issue or listening to individual scholars discuss how they see the many.  To understand anything we need to get down to the role of the common person.

That’s truly the challenge in democracy and in society in general really.  Where is the perfect intersection between the state and the citizen.  Where can we find policy that meets the needs of the individual and the needs of society.  Or as C. Wright Mills puts it, the relationship between history and biography.  Sure, it’s a little idealist, but what we need to strive for is the intersection between the individual and society as a whole.  Despite all our debates last night, and me waking up with no voice this morning, this point seems to be irrefutable.




1. jacob bear - February 17, 2010

it is time for a big east bubble team blog. the scenarios get more interesting week by week with uconn knocking off syracuse on the road. Uconn. louisville. mu. usf. cinnci. notre dame. maybe seton hall-although i doubt it. I could see 3 teams making it in.. You gotta think louisville and then maybe mu? but after that its crazy. And no offense to uni, but i think i would take any one of these teams over them even though they are in the top 25. Idk. On a similar note, should you expand the ncaa tourney for situations like this? or is it sacred because of this reason? Are mid majors given too much love or not enough? all this should be answered by you.

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