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March 23, 2010

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Again… Who are you??

Still getting views despite never posting.

I really do feel bad about not keeping this up to date.  Especially because I actually have viewers, but also because so much is happening.

Sunday, the House passed Universal Health Care.  I was able to sit in the gallery and witness debate for about 2 hours.  Kinda scary what one can accomplish with an intern badge.  I was proud to support the bill and proud to be in DC during the historic event.

I cannot comprehend why Republicans, including my wack-job of a Congressman, Steve King, are trying to repeal the Healthcare bill.  The bill is now signed into law.  That means repealing the legislation would take rights away from American citizens.  Steve King, and many other Republicans want to allow insurance companies to deny children coverage because of pre-existing conditions, they want to allow people that are sick to lose the coverage.  They wish to take away the rights that we know have.


Most GOPers understand the importance of this legislation, and I like to believe they truly wanted to make it better.  Our class talked with Rep Jim Sensenbrenner last night.  He was super intelligent and overall an interesting legislator.  While I didn’t have the guts (or knowledge) to challenge him on much, some of his points rubbed me the wrong way.  When asked about short-term health coverage by a foreign student in our group, he gave some circular answer then ended with a story about a insurance company in Milwaukee that handles short-term plans that was probably going out of business because of the new bill.  I wanted to ask if he preferred that company going out of business or 32 Million americans going uninsured.  I’m sure he would have had an answer for me, but I know whose side I’d be on.

Let’s quit with the politics and lets talk about me.

Went to New York last weekend and had a ball.

New York was sick.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  The definition of what a city is.  The highs, the lows and everything in between.  People on top of people on top of people.  Skyscrapers on every single block.  Just real life.

Had a great weekend too.  Marquette defeated Nova Thursday afternoon.  My buddies and I were taken out to dinner in Times Square with some VIP.  Explored the whole city in a short period of time.  I’ve never been someplace where you could buy beer at 4:30 in the morning… and I can’t say I’ve ever had the motivation or been in the circumstances to buy beer that late.  Loved it.

Marquette’s exit out of the NCAA was heartbreaking.  We are a better team than the one that showed up.  Nevertheless, everyone can easily chalk this season up as a blessing.  Picked to finish 12th or worse in the conference, a six seed is a more than welcome finish.  Feel for Lazar and the seniors.  Now it’s easy to hop on the bandwagon of Mary Forristal’s alumnus Northern Iowa.

I’m one of the most spoiled people on this planet.  I’m able to do amazing things that I don’t deserve.  It really hits me when I look at where I’m living right now.  I’ll probably never be fortunate enough to live in this neighborhood and sit on a patio with a view of the US capitol.  I gotta live it up while I’m here.

I’m sorry to anyone reading from back home.  Tried and just couldn’t make it home last weekend.

I promised to try to post more frequently.  Feel free to call me out if you think I’m slacking.




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