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Home stretch… April 11, 2010

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So my DC experience is winding down and I’m finding that I should really be keeping a journal.  I’ve been having the time of my life and this weekend solidified that notion.

With Congress in the middle of the Easter Recess, we’ve been going hard at 4 4th st.  And I’m not talking about hitting the books, nor am I talking about our internships.  So Wednesday it hit us that we needed to host a party this weekend. Made arrangements for a couple barrels of brew and extended quite a few invitations.  One of those invitations was received by some buddies back at MU.

The invitation was accepted in great fashion.  Driving 14 hours, through the middle of the night, 5 b’s from MU ended up on Capitol Hill at noon on Friday.  After a Capitol tour, quick sightseeing, and a bite to eat… we got down to business.  This apartment was a buzz.  After a blur of an evening, filled with a bunch of memorable (somewhat unspeakable) events, everyone woke up where the landed the night before.

I’ve had a lot of fun mornings laying around with buddies reminiscing about the night previous.  And I mean A Lot.  But I feel like Saturday morning topped them all.  Mostly because it hadn’t hit me that my buddies drove 14 hours just to party for one night.  I’m sure they were in more shock than I was.

The weekend continued w/ 3EB Saturday night at Georgetown.  Which is a great example of the epicness of the weekend.  If my favorite band of all time is a sub-plot to my weekend, it’s been a good time.

This week I gotta crack down on the HW a bit.  But with the warm weather calling and time running out at 4 4th St… we’ll just see how that goes.

Until next time.

B’s need to keep being b’s.




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