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Miller Lite Taste Points October 13, 2011

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Early this summer, this campaign caught my eye. It started as a joke between some friends. We thought with all the Miller Lite we purchase, there would be no way we wouldn’t win some prizes.

The campaign was called Miller Lite- Taste Points. Miller continued with their “man-up” theme from the summer of 2010. They were hoping to boost MillerCoors sales by encouraging consumers to make manly decisions—which means choosing a light beer that tastes great.

The strategy for the campaign was simple. MillerCoors wanted to develop a competition between consumers for who could earn the most Taste Points. MillerCoors drinkers could then interact with the brand via Facebook to use their points in an attempt to win prizes. The campaign was inherently social—consumers were interacting with other competitors as well as the brand. The campaign was developed by Olson PR.

The Taste Points campaign brought in more than 300,000 new Facebook fans for Miller Lite and TastePoints.com received 240,000 unique visitors. MillerCoors and Olsen PR are “extremely pleased with the results,” says Kirby Shiffler, AE at Olsen.

The campaign should be a home-run for someone like me, but I’m afraid it was a miss. I love Miller Lite and I’m constantly on Facebook, one would figure I’d be the target market. However, even though I clipped out dozens of bar codes from the inside of Miller Lite cases, I never got that involved.

Also, I’m not sure if the whole “Man-Up” campaign is a knock-out concept. The idea of “manning-up” to drink a light beer seems somewhat of an oxymoron.

Nevertheless, MillerCoors saw the PR campaign as successful. It did garner a lot of Facebook traffic, but one must question the actual engagement level of these users.






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